Professional Services

We make every effort to understand our clients business and needs to provide creative solutions and services tailored to suit each individual client. We serve clients in a variety of industries inclusive of, but not limited to, Electronics and Semiconductors, Food and Beverage, Communications Technology, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuti-cals, Software and Information Technology, Construction, Automotive, and Environmental Technology. Our clients range from large to small and medium sized companies to individual inventors.

Domestic Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks, Design Filings, and Registration

We provide professional services to clients from searching prior art to filing and registering domestic patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks.

International Patent Filings, Trademark Filings, and Registration

Our firm provides services to clients to protect their Intellectual Property assets in around 100 countries such as the United States, Japan, Europe, China, Canada, and Australia to name a few. Our firm is well known domestically, but is known more internationally than any other Intellectual Property Law firm in Korea for providing quality service with low fees.

Although, it is important that a patent ultimately registers, we place greater significance in ensuring the content of the patent provides our client with broad protection.

Formal Objections, Patent Trials, and Patent Litigation

Our firm handles all types of formal objections and litigation relating to Intellectual Property matters, that being either in the initial, during, or after registration of Intellectual Property.

Licensing and Valuation

Our firm handles drafting licensing agreements and valuation of Intellectual Property